Thursday, June 22, 2006

Enjoy the pictures - it's been a while!!!

Bailey with Mimi Pearce and JD Cannon at this year's Riley radiothon.

This is EXACTLY how Pappaw Wooten naps!

Spring break at Mammoth Cave, KY.

Tom preparing the fire.

And this was BEFORE we saw the cave spiders!

Bailey's bookin' it - she thought she saw a bat.

Spring break at White River Gardens.

Rissy with a GREAT BIG FISH at the zoo!!

Still at the zoo.

At Ft. Harrison Park during spring break.

Watch your step!

Bailey helping Mimi and Tim on the cooking stage at the Country Music Expo.

Bailey on the big screen!

Kenny Rogers (and Mimi in the background)
Trent Tomlinson

Backstage with Trent Tomlinson - he's a sweetheart!

Shannon Brown

Bailey in her new hat.

Craig Morgan - before he broke his leg a few days later.

Coloring Easter eggs . . . at home this year! Yeah!!

Marissa's softball season.

Coach Daddy and Coach Michelle.

What a perfect swing!

Bailey and her friends, Lauren, Paisley and Sarah at Kings' Island with the orchestra.

That's Bailey's feet in the front row!

The whole orchestra. Can you find Bailey?

Patrick and Brian working hard.

Patrick and Bailey.

A documentary pow-wow.

L-R: Patrick (obviously!!), Bailey, Paisley (Bailey's best friend) and Josie.

My three beautiful girls!!

Snack shop in Seaside.

Taking a breather while shopping in Seaside.

The girls on the beach.

Daddy and Rissy showing off tattoos.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


We still pray daily for Bailey and all of you. Your family is so special. We are proud to be your friends. Hope to get together again soon.

Greg & Julie

9:23 AM  

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