Sunday, August 06, 2006

Documentary is finished

It does exist! We've seen it! It's incredible!

The Speedway guys really know what they're doing. Not knowing what to expect at all, I went to our private viewing not even entering my mind that I'd walk away loving it, but I did. It is quite emotional - and it's kind of spooky for Bailey (she listens to her iPod and grabs a book to read when we watch it). I was afraid it would be like re-living it all over again but it all seemed still so fresh, I don't feel like I've really left it, so it didn't affect me in that way. I think I had concerns about whether it would be an accurate picture of Bailey's medical situation and our extended stay at the hospital or whether it would be edited to make it appear a certain way. Let me just say, it was real. It was interesting to hear the doctors' and medical staff's interviews. I, of course, know what they told us back then, but I wondered if they were saying anything to the camera that they didn't say to us. Not that I thought they would keep anything from us. In the documentary, though, they come right out and verbalize for the audience what we all knew but didn't really need to verbalized to us. Bailey, however, was taken aback by some of the content. She was shocked at how sick she looked - and was. She just didn't realize she was that sick. She loves the scenes that show her relationship with Dr. T and how it evolves from complete fear to good buddies. It warms my heart to watch - and it's good to see that their relationship isn't portrayed in the film as more or less than what it is. Again, it is real.

I was extremely pleased with the documentary. It was incredibly well written and the subject matter well presented. We are extremely proud to be a part of the project and blessed that we had such compassionate people (the medical team and the film crew) surrounding us the whole way. It is another way that we can give back to those who helped us get where we are today. If this story can get out and be successful to where other children's lives can be saved, it will be an incredibly good thing.

I think a big reason I love the documentary so much, is that it is filled with people we lived with for 6 months and came to love to this day. If nothing else comes of it (which I will be shocked if it doesn't), it will serve as a wonderful scrapbook piece of our lifelong experience with Riley. A couple guys from Berlin, Germany, also viewed the documentary with us, and they had incredibly nice things to say about Dr. Turrentine and Riley. I know that the Berlin can't save all kids who are put on it, but the combination of the Berlin and Bailey's team was one that would give it the best possible chance she had. I don't know if I'm just rambling and not making any real sense, but I am just excited to pieces about the documentary and all that it might possibly be able to do for kids in this country who need the Berlin or a device like it. The further out we get from our experience, the more I know without a doubt that we were blessed, continue to be blessed every day, and miracles do still happen.

Bailey is doing incredibly well. That's one thing the documentary helped us see is how much better she looks than she did back then. She's healthy and lively and we are enjoying every single day to the fullest. She's growing! She was in a shoe size 2 when we went into the hospital just over 18 months ago, and she now wears a size 6. She's grown 3 1/2 inches in the last year (the previous year, she grew 1 inch). We have never been happier.

Still don't know when or where exactly the documentary will air on TV - maybe in the fall - but I will definitely let you know as soon as I know. You can't miss it! They're also building a website, but I haven't been able to find it so I don't think it's up and running yet, but I'll also let you know when that happens.

School starts in 9 days - Bailey will be a freshman! That's just unbelievable.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer and getting in last-minute fun and trips before school starts. We have enjoyed our summer like no other summer before.

Love to you all,


Blogger Janet Shelton said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I love the website. It is amazing that Bailey is a Freshman. WOW the years keeping flying by. We went to Daniel's scrimage tonight at Beech Grove. He is a Big boy playing lineman. He is a junior this year and driving himself now.
We have been very bless in our lives. ((HUG)) Janet S

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And just why haven't I seen this documentary YET!????

Love, hugs and kisses......


I know - it's just not a very pretty sight even when I cry because I'm happy - eyes and nose swell, turn and I get a bad case of the sniffles.

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