Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Echo Today

They did another echo today. They're always checking periodically to see if there's any improvement in Bailey's own heart. There is slight improvement, but they don't know if it's enough to take her off the transplant list (and simply remove the Berlin Heart). They made it very clear not to get our hopes up, but it's an interesting thought, huh! It will be what it will be. (That's profound, isn't it?!)

Dr. T and Dr. Darragh were both in the room today during the echo and Dr. Darragh had to step out to answer a page. Dr. T took over the echo controls and tried to look in Bailey's ear with it. So they wrestled over the echo probe for a while . . . until Dr. Darragh came back in, then they straightened up. Dr. T must have got a little bored then, because he started watching the Drew Carrey show. Then Bailey started throwing pretzels at him and then the pretzel fight began, with Dr. Darragh threatening to put them both in timeout. Aimee (Dr. T's nurse practitioner) asked Bailey, "Haven't you always wanted an older brother, Bailey?" She replies with, "I did until I got here!"

We haven't been able to go over to Methodist because the elevator to the catwalk is broken. There is an escalator, but it would be a little difficult to get the machine on that!

Bailey was approached today to help make a book for residents to read entitled something like "How to Be a Doctor", pointing out do's and dont's from a kid's point of view (i.e., don't ask me if I miss my family; smile at me when you walk in the door; don't tell me it's not going to hurt; etc.). It's really a neat idea! She's trying to decide whether she wants to participate in it or not. I hope she does! She has lots of good insight having been here so long and having seen lots of residents pass through.

Just an FYI, the best pretzels in the world are Shultz's Salty Stix!! (Thanks, Bubba!)

Bailey had a new nurse today, Erin. The only nurse that she's had before that was scheduled to work today called in sick. I think both Bailey and Erin were a little nervous, but she was very nice and did a great job - even with her dressing change! She was talked through it by Jenny, our night nurse, during 7 a.m. report, but she still let Bailey tell her how to do it and what to do next. She's officially on Bailey's list of "approved nurses". Haha!

Thank you, Annette, for the bag of goodies! I'm so sorry we couldn't visit with you because of the echo. Bailey's been playing with the beads all evening and making really cute earrings! She's holding up in the window as I write this an American flag that she made out of beads dangling from a safety pin. She's so excited about it that she's hopping up and down on her bed waving for me to come see it.

Next week will be 5 months here. Dad asked us if we were trying to beat his record. Get this! He was here at Riley exactly 60 years ago (with polio) and he was 13 years old too. He told us today that his dad carried him in the hospital and he walked out of the hospital 8 months later. Incredible! Riley's been doing great things for a long time.

Have a great day everyone! I hear it's getting hot outside again. I think we'll stay in for a few days.

Passing out hugs to everyone,


Blogger Annette said...

I'm so glad Bailey liked the beads and everything else! I am so impressed with her creativity - I've never been a "crafts" person so I'm always in awe of people who can create!!!!

I was sorry I couldn't chat with you yesterday, but it was neat to see them doing the echo. I even got to see Dr. T. in person! He looked so serious and "medical" - you'd never think he was the kind of person who plays pranks! Of course I had to miss his fight with Bailey - are you sure you're telling us the truth about him? Maybe I'll catch them going at it with each other next time!!!!

It HAS been real hot these past few days. It's going to be 90 degrees today. You just stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning. I want to get down again to see you and hopefully spend a few minutes visiting. My mother is back in the hospital again so I don't know when I'll be able to get to Riley. I'm encouraged to hear ther news about Bailey's heart - who knows, maybe things are improving and she'll be able to go home. Whatever she's doing, she's doing it right!!!!

Stay cool - I'll keep praying for you!!!!

Annette :)

7:04 AM  
Blogger Scott Andrews said...

Angie, it was great getting to see you and Bailey in person yesterday (and meeting your parents), and finally getting the full picture of Bailey's room in person rather than by the pictures you have posted. I was very impressed with the facilities at Riley, and I was very impressed with Bailey's wall of fame! However, the next time we come visit, we won't come at the crack of dawn. Sorry. Well, I better get back to dancin...I mean work. Our thoughts and prayers are with you still.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Lindsay said...

Well thats good that she has so many things to do with Child life and all her other crafts, so its definetly good to keep busy so that the time goes by. And its fun to have all the nurses adn docter who are alot of fun! Dont worry your time is coming very soon, i can feel it!!!
love ya,

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Miss Lisa said...

HI!!! I love keeping updated on you...I've been passing the word around KC...everyone is so curious about how you're doing..and all the others!!! thoughts and prayers coming your way every night!!

6:11 PM  
Blogger Sue Figert Meyer said...

Angie & Bailey,

Must have been putting those back slashes in the wrong way when I couldn't get to the Blogspot on my new home computer. Bailey was looking really good this evening. Glad to hear she likes grapes, kind of a change of pace. (I washed them really good for you.)

Very interesting to hear the possible news about Bailey's heart. God might be working in mysterious ways. Sometimes the bad things that happen to us in life (like not having a heart yet), turn out to be the best things in the long run (like Bailey's heart might work after all??). Pretty amazing to thing about that.

Hope you had a good rest this evening. Keep up the faith. Sue

10:06 PM  

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