Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Fathers' Day!

Happy Fathers' Day everybody!

Josie made it back from Florida! We sure missed her, but she had a great time.

Bailey had a great weekend - her dad went on a cleaning rampage though. I haven't even tried to find anything yet, because I know that I won't be able to!

Marissa painted Tom a birdhouse for father's day. It's so precious. She loves her daddy! She hid it behind her bedroom closet door so he wouldn't find it before father's day. She was handling it so carefully.

I was leaving to come back to the hospital and fell flat on our sidewalk. My neighbors came running - thank you Curtis and Toni for taking care of me! No broken bones, but I'm pretty sore. I was trying to kick a large plastic ball back to our garage (I couldn't carry it since I had my arms full of stuff - you know, you can always carry or kick one more thing just to avoid making another trip [I'm rolling my eyes]) and my tennis shoe got caught on the ball. My feet flew out from under me and I landed flat on my back, elbow, and the back of my head. I was kind of worried about my head because I get headaches really easy, but I must not have hit it very hard, because it really is fine. I think my anti-inflammatory is wearing off though because I'm starting to stiffen up. It'll be fun getting out of bed in the morning! I'm just grateful I didn't break anything.

Sorry about all you F-1 fans out there. Sounds like the race was a huge disappointment.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. I have the greatest girls in the world!

Have a great week!!



Blogger Diane Roe said...

Bailey, Angie, Marissa and Josie: The pictures are wonderful, so many cutie blondes and it's so great that everyone is there to help Bailey get through this! Maybe this is the week! Love, Diane

6:49 AM  
Blogger Martha said...

Ouch Angie! Your lucky nothing is broken. Keep the advil up for the next 24hrs I would say. Good luck getting out of bed. I hope your not too bruised.

8:56 AM  
Blogger Aunt Debbie A said...

Morning Girlies!

Man, I'm wondering after seeing the pics of the girls flinging their heads around if you're the only one that's gonna wake up with a headache...I think I'm gettin' one just looking at the pics!! Sooo cute!
I'm glad they're having fun. You go girls!!

I hope you can get out of bed this morning, Ang! Maybe that chair massage would feel good right about now! : )

Hey, I didn't end up mailing Josie's pictures...since I found 3 things that Marissa left here, I thought I'd just bring them all this week. The girls want to plan a special day with your girls.
Mallery and Melyn will both be out of summer school gym and cosmetology in two weeks. Melyn took gym to get the credit out of the way...AND so she could get used to campus before the other 3,999 kids get there in the fall. : 0 That's what we love about's such a quaint little town. ha ha

Gotta get to the grindstone...Love you guys, Aunt Debbie

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Lindsay said...

Hey there!
I thought those pictures were so cute, what were they listening to??
Talk to you later,

10:00 AM  
Blogger Annette said...

Angie - you are one great photographer! Those pics of the girls tossing their hair is priceless! I would gotten so dizzy doing that!!!!

I'm glad you're okay and nothing is broken. When we were getting ready to go to Matthew's graduation the trunk door came down on the bridge of my nose and I was scared I broke it. It sure hurt a lot but nothing broken. You gotta stay well for your girls!!!!

I also hope THIS IS THE WEEK!!!! I'll be praying for you all!

Annette :)

2:07 PM  

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