Thursday, May 26, 2005

2nd PIC Line

Today was a long day. Bailey had a bad headache when she woke up, and it lasted pretty much all day. She got sick to her stomach and vomited. In the midst of all that, they delivered the news that she had to get a second PIC line put in today, because they want to try a new medication that will hopefully bring her PA pressures down even more. This medication has to have its own uninterruped line, so that's why she needed a second one. So, she had all day to not eat anything (because of the anesthesia) and to worry. We finally went down to IR (interventional radiology) around 4:00. They gave her versed (to calm her and to make her forget everything) and some other medication that does pretty much more of the same thing. Well, she remembers everything . . . and it wasn't pretty. She was so scared. If you remember, the first PIC line was awful. The transport team came up and tried 4 times to get one started that day, but finally gave up. Her arm was so injured that she had to go through physical therapy to regain movement. So, when she heard "PCI line", she was thinking of that day. Fortunately, this time we skipped the transport team and went straight to IR where everything went very smoothly. She was just scared to death and cried out the whole time. Beth, Dr. T's nurse, went with us and was standing at Bailey's head trying to talk to her and calm her. Beth put her hands on both sides of Bailey's head and said, "Bailey, listen. Bailey, Bailey. Listen to me, Bailey." Bailey immediately stopped crying, took a deep breath, and forced out, "I can't. Your hands are over my ears!" We all started laughing! That's the Bailey we all love! I think she was more worried about the two stitches holding the PIC line in than the PIC line itself. She kept asking when he was going to stitch it, and he finally said, "I'm not going to stitch it. We have this new device that just locks it into place and it sticks to your arm like tape." She started giggling, she was so happy. We got back to the room and she ate a little dinner, and took nearly a 2-hour nap. I, of course, took advantage of that too and laid down myself. (Sorry, Sue and Larry, for missing your visit! Thank you for the goodies!) She's feeling better, but still has a pretty bad headache.

So, I'm not really sure what's behind this new medication (prostecycline - sp?), because I haven't had the chance to talk to Dr. T about it. What I think is going on, is they are going to test the medication in the morning to see if her pressures react to it and, if they do, they are going to use it after transplant to help speed recovery. I don't think it's something they're going to hook up right now and keep going. And, also, I don't know if they're worried about her pressures. Her cardiologist said the pressures are the same as in past echos, so I think they're just ideally wanting them to come down a little more. I will hopefully clarify all this with Dr. T tomorrow. He stopped in before we went down for the PIC line, and he did say that this medication might help her recover quicker and go home quicker after transplant . . . "but not until after she sells all her jewelry" [because he still wants his cut]. We're trying to talk him into buying his mother a necklace, but he says his mother doesn't like jewelry. What women doesn't like jewelry?

So, that was our day. Pretty stressful and tiring. I'll let you know how everything goes tomorrow, of course. Thanks for checking in!

Have a good night,


Blogger Annette said...

Wow Angie - I'm worn out just from reading your post - I can just imagine how difficult all this was for both of you today! I'm so happy Bailey is feeling better now. It's tough to see your kids go through these types of things - when Matthew was sick I used to wish it was me and not him. I'm still praying that this weekend will be THE weekend for a new heart!!!!

Tell Bailey I'm thinking of her. I also hope you get the rest you deserve!

Annette :)

10:55 PM  
Blogger Martha said...

Tell Bailey she is a total trooper and with her humor she can't get through anything. I hate the word PIC LINE too!! My son was born 9 weeks premature and had to have a PIC line put in 5 hrs after his birth. The worst part was they transported him to another hopsital and I was so sick I couldn't be there to hold his tiny hand. But, I did learn PIC Lines save lives without we wouldn't be here! Hugs to you both! Angie - hug your daughter tight! Although physically you were the only one there but in your hands is the prayers, love, hope, faith, and courage of all of us!

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Kara said...

Sorry you guys had such a touch day. It is amazing how brave and tough kids can be! I think it is definitely worse for the parent! I hope you guys have a good day and a day of recovery. You have to take advantage of all the rest you can since you never know when that heart is coming! Have a good day! We are praying for you!

Kara & Jami

7:57 AM  
Blogger Lara said...

WOW! What a stressful day. I hope today goes much smoother and calmer for you both! Bailey, you're a real trooper for putting up with all these tests.

Hope you all have a great long weekend. I'm missing experiencing the "Month of May" there - it's weird watching the race coverage from here, which isn't very good since we don't have cable...

Hope this is THE WEEKEND!

Love ya,


10:25 AM  
Blogger Lara said...

Oops, I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Scott (aka Bubba)!

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Angiee and Bailey!!
I haven't written for some time now, been really busy at work. I still read the blog every day without fail and the prayers are still being said at least daily. I am amazed at how well you two are holding up. Hopefully, all of this will soon be over, Bailey will get her new heart and be able to go home and enjoy the summer. You too, Angie. We miss you soooo much at the office. Just know that we are all with you (whether you can see us or not).

And congratulations, Bubba!

Lots of Hugs, Myra

10:49 AM  

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