Sunday, May 29, 2005

Feeling Much Better

Oh, what a stressful few days. Thankfully, after checking in on Bailey yesterday, Dr. T gave the orders to wean her off the prostacyclin, the drug that was making her so sick. They couldn't just stop it, because that would have caused more problems, so they began weaning yesterday afternoon and just finished this evening at 8:00. So, she's officially off the drug. Yeah!!! That was nasty stuff. She was vomiting and had diarrhea so badly. I felt so bad for her. That's the worst I've felt emotionally in a long time. They thought they were going to have to put an NG tube in her nose to get her medication in her, but she figured out that if she took it immediately after she vomited, it would stay down. Those 2 pieces of toast I reported on Friday evening (when I was hoping she was getting used to the drug) was the only food she'd eaten in 48 hours. So far, she's only lost 2 pounds in the ordeal though. She didn't want me to leave her yesterday morning, but I had to. We didn't get much sleep at all Friday night, and I was beginning to feel the stress. I left with a headache that just kept getting worse by the minute. So I went home and took a nap. Much better now. There's still no word as to whether the medication had any effect on her lung pressures. They did an echo yesterday morning and this morning, but it was done by a technician and they, of course, can't tell the patient the results. At this point, we're just glad to be off the medication.

Did you all enjoy the race today? Danica almost did it, didn't she?! We were rooting for Jeff Bucknum, since he's the one who took Marissa's birdhouse home that she painted, but had a great time listening to the race anyway. I wanted to get to the hospital today before the race was over so I wouldn't run into any traffic, so we left the house at 2:30. We were sitting in the hospital garage listening on the radio, and only decided to make a run for it to Bailey's room when the yellow came out with about 15 or so laps to go. What an exciting race. That was fun.

Dr. T went to the race today and it must have really worn him out, because he hasn't come in to visit us today. Don't worry about us!

I'm sitting in here in the kitchen typing this update, and Bailey just sneaked up on me waving her arm in the air - the one she just got unhooked from the "sick" medicine. She's so excited! It's the first walk she's taken since Thursday when she got her second PIC line in. She's looking over my shoulder right now, and says "hi" to everyone.

Marissa and Josie are spending the night with us tonight. The girls have played hair salon, X-Box, Trouble, needlepoint, hook rug, and just about anything else you can think of. When I just left the room, they were reading and Marissa was sacked out in my bed.

Time to go. Bailey wants to use the computer to check her e-mails. Hope you all had a great weekend, and have a wonderful holiday tomorrow! I imagine you'll all be cooking out. Have fun!

Love to all,
Angie (and Bailey)


Blogger Aunt Debbie A said...

Good Morning Girls!

Hope you all had a good night's sleep! I'm sitting here at the computer at 8:47am and my whole family is still in bed! It looks like it might be a rainy day. Hope to get caught up on some laundry and a few other things. The race was fun. Your driver, Scott Sharp, placed well, Bails! He and Dan Wheldon were neck and neck for awhile! I thought of you!
The girls were mad at me because at the beginning of the race they were taunting me about how "nobody knows who Dan Wheldon is" one point Melyn was listening to Dan's car radio and she said, "Hey Mom, I can't quite make out what his crew chief just said,...I think he said, "Oh crap, I think we're last." They were having such a great time at my expense. Melyn was feeling so cocky at one point that she agreed that if Dan won the race she'd do dishes for a month...she seems to be experiencing a bit of amnesia as of late! Must've been the sun! : ) Victory is sweet! : )

I'm so glad you're feeling better. You've had a long few days! I'm proud of you for sticking with it. I know it can't be easy. You're a strong girl! You can do a lot of things if you put your mind to it! Right! Hey, I wore my sunglasses necklace to the race. PaPaw Elden saw it and placed an order for Doris. He already gave me the money. So you can start on that when you feel like it. She likes pastel colors. Have you talked Dr. T into getting a piece of jewelry for his Mom?

Well, I'm gonna go spend some quiet time with God before the family stirs...We'll talk about you like we do every day. I'll keep asking...and trusting. I love you.

Aunt Debbie xoxoxoxoxoxo

9:01 AM  
Blogger Annette said...

Hi Bailey and Angie! I'm so glad your ordeal is over with the meds and that you're feeling like yourself again!

I finally caught "Gray's Anatomy" on TV. I had no idea who Patrick Dempsey was! What a cutie! Wow! I kept picturing him in your room chatting with you and having pictures taken. What a heartthrob!!!!

Angie - I'm glad you got some rest. I'm praying for you all that the heart will come this weekend. Wouldn't that be wonderful? I'm sure there are many, many people out there asking God for the same thing - a group effort!!!! Hope the time is soon!

It's nice to have a 3-day weekend. I have a bad cold so I could use that extra day!

Well, you guys keep up the good work!

Annette :)

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angie and Bailey
I have been reading your updates since voting for your Christmas card. Angie you do such a wonderful job sharing your laughter and struggles with us. What a great way for everyone to stay connect with you. I have been on vacation for a week. I went to Seattle and saw the building where Grey's Anatomy lands their helicopter. It not really the hospital. How much fun to meet Patrick and sit and chat with him. Very cool. I also went to Oregon and visited my brother. It is a amazing world that God has created. I was hoping that Bailey would have got a new heart while I was gone during those seven days. God does things according to his plan. Please know that you are in my prayers daily Love Janet Shelton

9:32 AM  
Blogger Mary Ann Lucas said...

Hello my girls! Your pictures of Patrick were fabulous and I'm so glad that you had such a good time. I was just watching the 500 victory celebration tonight on t.v. and they introduced Patrick to everyone. I am hopeful that he got back up to see you today and that you were able to get to know him further. I personally think it is an honor for him to get to meet such a sweet girl like you! Now he knows why we all love you so much.

I'm so sorry that you have had a rough few days. You are one tough cookie and God is taking good care of you. He holds you right there in the palm of His hands and He's finding just the right heart for you! We all trust and know that He is in complete control, but we want it NOW! ha Maybe if I get down on the floor, kick and scream He might get the picture! Well, He might see a picture, but it won't be pretty. Not sure I'd get up off the floor if I got down there! I've been playing tennis and went for a bike ride today, so I might be completely stuck in the bed tomorrow morning! I am such a wimp!!!!!!!! It is pathetic!

Anyway, my darlin, I have your "Tea Time" jewelry business cards complete and I'll bring them to you tomorrow. I'll give you a buzz in the morning to see if anything sounds good for lunch.

Hi Ang! I love you!

See you tomorrow...Mary Ann

7:57 PM  

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